07 ways to spruce up your home decor

You don’t have to change the entire interior design of your home, to change the look of your space. With a few changes and additions, you can quickly transform it and breathe in new space while being in the existing home. Whether you want to add some stunning furniture pieces, a quirky accessory, or exclusive tableware, Sweet Magnoliaa has it all. Their wide collection of home décor and furniture is one in a million and a must for modern homes. Here are some latest trends to transform your space -

Spruce Up Your Home’s Décor With These Ideas

Replace Straight Lines with Curves- The time of crisp-edged furniture and accessories is replaced by smooth and curve edges. They add more casual and comfortable vibes to the home. Attractive and organic shapes have replaced clear lines, and sharp edges were thriving in the past design trends. Be it puffy sofas, poufs, vases, benches, comfy chairs, and coffee tables have defined the trends. It just doesn’t stop here; mirrors, artworks, circular furniture, and more are gaining popularity in this interior décor trend.


Wall Art-

Wall art is a key design when it comes to decorating today’s homes. Art has evolved to serve the increasing demands to serve the need of every homeowner. From famous artwork reprints, unique art, art from aspiring fresh artists, digital art, tribal and traditional artwork, abstract art, and many more, one can find art easily for their home at an affordable price. Adding art to the room is surely the last step but is the most important, as it is no one size fits all situation. For someone, Pichwai painting is what they want for a home, while other is looking for abstract prints.

Add Rugs-

A room without a statement is incomplete. It looks naked. Rugs are a great comfort and enhance the visual of the room. Rugs and carpets are not limited to traditional designs like in the past. There is a variety of designs available now. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or eclectic theme-based, you can find suitable rugs at Sweet Magnoliaa. Do you want a Traditional rug, geometric rug, modern rug, abstract rug, or pink, red, orange, or neutral color rug; they have an extensive range of gorgeous designs.


House parties are in trend. Thanks to a range of lighting trends that have attracted homeowners to upgrade their basic home lights. Now, every home has some special lights that attract everyone. Consider layer lighting because putting light fixtures and ambient lights on the existing electrical point are not enough anymore. Every house needs attractive lighting fixtures that provide extra lighting effects and make the place look stylish. Consider layered lighting that includes ambient light and accent light to upgrade the look of the space. Accent light could be a floor lamp, pendant light, or even a quirky table lamp to the look and effects.

Mirror Mirror on the wall- Mirrors are stylish and intriguing. It’s common to have a mirror in the bathroom and dressing area where they serve their functionality. But adding a mirror in every room can also bring out some stunning results. Mirrors can help to make a space look bigger and brighter because they bounce back the light around the room. One can use large mirror décor to make the space look bigger or as an accent wall décor. You can also put a decorative or antique mirror in place of artwork.


No home is complete without a dedicated dining space or a center table. Both are an important part of the home and need extra attention to make them look lively. Centre table and dining table decors are something that everyone pays extra attention to it, as guest spends most of their time around these spaces. So, enhance these spaces without a second thought. Add table runners, unique coasters, centerpieces, placemats, glassware, stylish cutlery, and dinnerware to add a touch of elegance to these spaces. Table décor is art, but if you can find the right kind of piece to add to your home décor, you can master it too.

Accessorize your space- You have placed an art, but it doesn’t end here. Any room is incomplete without some fun and functional accessories. Accessorize depends upon many things like your design, what artwork is there in the room, what your inspiration was, and so. If you are planning a minimalist look, it would be great to select a few pieces; for a maximalist look, grab an entire collection of stunning home décor at Sweet Magnoliaa and put it on display. Candle holders, vases, sculptures, wall art, and planters, and there is an extensive range available for home décor objects you can choose to style your space.


These were 07 little ways that will truly transform your space into new. Small details bring life to the home. Don't be afraid to go bold while choosing your statement pieces for wall décor or table décor.