A Sustainable Home Decor Blogger Reuses Waste Material

A Sustainable Home Decor Blogger talks about  Creatively Reusing Waste Material 

Reshma Kadvath's Inspirational Story

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Reshma firmly believes that everyone and everything deserves a second chance in life. In her recent interview for Failing It Up, she tells us how important it is to address the subjects like waste and trash.

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Reshma pursued her love for upcycling after marriage. Little did she know that her passion would not only give her immense fulfilment and personal healing, but also a chance to live her dreams by inspiring millions of people through her creativity. Today, she has 22.8k followers on Instagram, and through that draws people’s attention towards the important issues of trash and  waste management and their impact on global warming.


Home Decor Blogger Talks about waste and trash


Here are some of the inspiring works done by Reshma. These beautiful pieces have been created by reusing discarded waste materials which otherwise would have ended up in landfills. We at Sweet Magnoliaa take immense pride in interviewing Reshma and bringing to you her inspirational journey of finding her true calling.

She shows us that one can do up their home aesthetically and beautifully without “costing the Earth”… literally. Her home and personal style are a reflection of this belief. Most of the items used in her home décor are upcycled, repurposed or restored.

    Home decor objects made out of waste and trash through DIY 

    Home décor objects created using waste materials.

    Home decor objects made by reusing waste discarded objects

      Jewellery DIY made by reusing old old discarded objects

      Beautiful jewellery created reusing old, discarded objects that would have otherwise ended in landfills.

      Eco friendly pendant and earring set made from wooden discs cut out from a dry stick.

      Neckpiece made from fossils (Belemnite), dug out from Kuldhara village, when posted in Rajasthan.

      Home decor objects made using waste used objects at home

      An old, discarded chulha converted into a quirky lamp.

      Pillar candle holders made from coconut shells and pallet wood blocks.

      Home décor and fashion accessories made using waste material. Using a little DIY, Reshma transforms these objects with her creativity.

      Home decor and fashion accessories made using waste. Wish a little DIY Reshma transforms these objects with her creativity.


      An old woven mat repurposed into a bag. The handles were salvaged from an old bag.

      Lamps fabricated from driftwood found on Gopalpur beach.

      Reshma Kadvath Author

      Reshma Kadvath's love for creativity, upcycling and literature has come together in the form of two coffee table books. Creative Musings Of An Army Wife and #FOR_THE_LOVE_OF_CREATIVITY, which have numerous creative ideas and articles on various social issues. The books advocate the importance of sustainability in our lives and aim at changing the general perception that upcycled goods cannot look classy or upmarket.

      Reshma recently gave an interview to support the initiative Failing It Up. She shares her inspirational story with us to help us in our efforts to de-stigmatise failure by redeeming it. She believes that the practice of upcycling teaches you the truth that “Failures can lead to Success”. Watch her full interview to know her fascinating journey of finding joy in doing things she loves.


      Watch Reshma's full interview:


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