Crisis directs us towards new opportunities

Crisis always directs you towards New opportunities.

Sweet Magnoliaa also started amidst multiple Such crises.

I started "See the Art Magazine" to feature artworks of all the fantastic people we were interviewing on my Failing It Up Blog. Through See the Art, I started getting inquiries for artworks.

Just after a few months, lockdown started. The entire art community faced huge setbacks as art shows got canceled, and people were still figuring new ways of doing their work.

One day, I thought of buying few things online. I started looking for stuff on Amazon and few other such marketplaces. To my disappointment, I couldn't find what I was looking for.

I realized that Amazon is great for two kinds of purchases:

1. When you know what you want to buy. For example, you want to buy a book for that; Amazon is excellent. 


2. When it doesn't matter what you purchase as long as it serves the purpose example, a mop or broomstick. 

For everything else, Amazon is Amazon in the literal sense! I was not keen on doing a Ph.D. on Amazon to buy a few products.

Sheer disappointment of not having time and inclination to do a Ph.D. on Amazon to buy a few products and the crisis the art & design community was going through laid the foundation of my curated online store Sweet Magnoliaa.

Sweet Magnoliaa is a curated online store for people who are art and design lovers. People who feel like they are taking a walk in some art gallery seeing only products of specific aesthetic value.

Today it gives me immense happiness when my customers spend a good amount of time on Sweet Magnoliaa, enjoying the curation.

Our mission is to present art and design to the consumers who want the Pinterest kind of online gallery to shop and explore for hours but for the right reasons! A gallery where curation is more important than the price!

Whether it is Oil on Canvas painting Good Morning Kolkata (48'' X 72'') worth INR 3.6 lakhs or a Ginko Brass Spoon worth INR 510 it fills the heart with immense joy seeing the sheer beauty and simplicity of your recent purchase from Sweet Magnoliaa.

Our vision is to bring the global art and design community together both as sellers as well as consumers!


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