Kashmir Files Fame actor Darshan Kumar's Inspirational Journey

 "After the darkest night, the sun will rise again!!" Darshan Kumar

Bollywood actor Drashan Kumar's Interview

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1. Discuss your journey as a actor, and how did you navigate towards your current profession? 


Bachpan se keeda tha acting ka 😁. I used to write poems and perform them on stage, and the appreciation and prizes I won motivated me to join the theatre. I joined Act one theatre group in Delhi, Sahaj Group with Neena Gupta Ji n Rajendra Gupta Ji in Mumbai, and later Naseeruddin Shah sir's group "Motley." Eventually, after many years of struggle n hard work, I got my first project Mary Kom.


2. Share one incident in your life that completely changed your perspective about failure and success and how? 


Bollywood actor Darshan Kumar's Interview

Right from my theatre days, I learned that nothing comes easy; you must work hard to achieve your goals. Being focused and determined is the key, as ups and downs are part of our life. Being from a middle-class family, I knew that the road ahead would not be easy as I was dreaming big. But I was always ready to tread this difficult path right from the beginning. The only thing I knew was that I needed to pursue my career and achieve whatever I could in my best way as I hadn't kept an option B.


3. Discuss your initial fears and challenges for anyone aspiring to join your industry, and how did you overcome those initial challenges?


The main fear was survival … the struggle to look good, eat good, and work on your craft and body, which was a bit heavy on the pocket. So to maintain this lifestyle, I had to do dubbing shows, and to work on my acting skills, I did theatre shows. However, I faced these challenges n, by God's grace, sustained them.


4. Discuss a few growth habits/rituals you follow each day that completely changed your professional life? 

Bollywood actor Drashan Kumar's Interview

With all due respect to all the professions, I believe Acting as a profession is one of the most challenging job ... It requires your physical, mental, emotional strength as we Hve to work hard to get into d skin of the character to create celluloid magic… you Can't fake emotions …so I work on my craft daily. Watching good movies, gymming, kickboxing, and dancing is part of my everyday life. 


5 Share learnings from your journey. 


Be focused, consistent and hardworking -Be positive and live life to the fullest -Take everyday as a blessing of the God -Be loving towards yur Family and friends n most importantly -Be yourself bec we spread the same energy which we possess.


6. Do you feel Fear of Failure and the Stigma attached to Failing are issues that need to be discussed if yes, then why?

Even after the darkest night, The sun will rise again. So I believe nothing stays permanently in life ups and downs are a part of our life. We have to face it as we always learn something or others from our failures so know the lesson n work hard for the day when opportunity knocks on your door, and you are ready to grab it with open arms and continue to work hard to chase your dreams.


7. Failing It Up is an initiative to De-stigmatize Failing by Redefining failure. What are your thoughts about the industry Failing It Up? Will this initiative help create an environment of growth by changing people's mindset about failing? How do leaders like you perceive failures differently that the thought of quitting doesn't occur in our minds?


As I said earlier, Failure makes you stronger and helps you bounce back, so never consider Failure an end; instead, it paves the way to a new beginning. Never give up and continue your hard work success will follow.

Failing it up