Do this to help people who do not practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness must be the core of our lifestyle. However, many people do not practice mindfulness and thus fall prey to negative thoughts.


How to stay with negative people without being impacted by their negativity?

People are negative not because they are bad but because they are not mindful. Negative thinking is a pattern that one unknowingly attracts from the Universe. The Universe has both negative and positive energies. It is up to us to decide what we want to receive.


One should not stay in the company of negative people as they unknowingly attract negativity from the Universe.

What can we do when we have a negative family member?

Trying to counsel a person who is always negative is not a great option. The best way of helping them is to keep the house's energy clean.

Have you noticed how we feel when we stay at an ashram or visit a holy place? You instantly feel calm; this is because the energy of the place is clean. That place is filled with positive vibrations where no negative energy can stay.

Similarly, when we find easy-to-implement energy cleansing ways to keep the home's energy clean, it will immensely help all the family members.

Energy Cleansing

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Besides this, whenever you see a negative mean person, quietly say a small prayer to God that they get the wisdom and strength to follow the right path. Making a habit of praying for negative people whenever we come across them will also help clean the energy of our environment.



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