Ace Hospitality and Luxury Homes Designer Sumessh Menon talks about his favorite projects and more

Ace Hospitality and Luxury Homes Designer Sumessh Menon talks  to Sweet Magnoliaa about his favourite projects and more.

Sumessh Menon's interview for Sweet Magnoliaa

Tell us how your journey as an architect & interior designer, highlighting some of your best achievements & projects.
I have wandered the design world for over a decade now and I cherish all its ups and downs which have come together to make me exactly who I am today. A journey that started with a Spanish tapas bar design in New York and a sprawling luxury home in South Africa then turned to over 120 restaurant projects sprinkled across the country from Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, etc to now working on marquee projects in both residential and hospitality sectors across the globe, it has been one hell of a crazy ride for me!

Architect & Interior Designer Sumessh Menon's Interview for Sweet Magnoliaa

How would you describe your style? How did you discover your style? 
In a word – opulence. I stumbled across this style in my process of balancing design that can be elegant without going over the top and aiming to be luxurious and understated at the same time.

Architect & Interior Designer Sumessh Menon's Interview for Sweet Magnoliaa

 Tell us about your design style's key elements that make it unique. 
 Although we aim not to be repetitive in our design, there are certain design elements and patterns that we are consistent with as they form our signature design style.
An interplay of textures layered over one another is one such element. Adding a personal touch and character to any space using art and artefacts that resonate the personality of the client is another one.

Sumessh Menon talks to Sweet Magnoliaa

Share your favourite projects (share images as well), highlighting your fav elements from those projects? Share 4 to 5 projects with a few of the key elements for each project.
My ongoing residential interior project in Kingfisher Towers in Bengaluru is a landmark project with a building layout that is way ahead of its time and working on it has certainly been a very enriching experience for me. I’m very much excited about designing a million-dollar bar here in collaboration with Scarlet Splendour.


Rustomjee Elements is a marquee residential project that is always named amongst the best residential apartments of Mumbai and the bachelor pad that I have designed here has been the most fun and exciting recent project for me. 

Sumessh Menon's Interview for Sweet Magnoliaa

My project in Lodha World View is another challenging one as handling logistics for projects at such heights is incredibly taxing!
Our recently completed RCB bar in Bengaluru was another landmark project in my kitty and currently I’m looking forward to our upcoming premium bar at CCI (Cricket Club of India) in Mumbai.

 Sumessh Menon Interview for Sweet Magnoliaa

What things do you splurge on the most when working on an interior designing project. 
Accessorising an interior project for me is as important as the actual interior design and one of the design elements I really splurge on are artwork especially sculptures because I believe they are what bring a uniquely splendid character to any space. I insist that a single stunning piece of sculpture can add a zing to any mundane corner and bring it to life!

Architect & Interior Designer Sumessh Menon's Interview for Sweet Magnoliaa


Share some of your fav interior design trends that you feel will rule 2022.
 Neo classic style is something that is fast catching on and I say this because many of my clients are chasing this timeless design style with an equal blend of contemporary mixed into it.
 Hospitality & Luxury Home Designer Sumessh Menon's Interview for Sweet Magnoliaa

What, according to you, makes Indian Decor Elements Unique for interior styling? What are your favorites?
When it comes to details like stonework and marble inlay work and period style intricate woodwork as well as heritage elements like column detailing, ceiling soffit etc. there is no match for Indian artistry work and craftsmanship skills.
From a temple design to foyers to powder rooms, we make sure such details are incorporated in our design to encourage local craftsmanship and in the process discover our own Indian heritage design roots.


Architect & Interior Designer Sumessh Menon's Interview for Sweet Magnoliaa
Your have done interior designing for many well-known personalities like Virat Kohli, restaurateur Zorawar Kalra and Tham Brothers, share with us your experience and memories of working for such eminent personality.

My personal experience with the above-mentioned prominent personalities along with some celebrity cricketers and film industry personalities that we are currently doing projects with, has been one of mutual understanding and freedom of design. I’m quite grateful to be given a free hand in design as they have shown complete trust in our design experience and in the promising design projects that we have delivered till date.

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