How Pichwai Paintings can be a great addition to your home

Pichwai painting is one of the traditional folk-art forms of India that originated in the state of Rajasthan. It is also known as Pichwai and is also popular amongst art enthusiasts worldwide. The art features Shreenath Ji, one of the forms of Lord Krishna. The intricate designs and vibrant hues on a rich fabric enhance its beauty. Pichwai paintings have religious roots and are created with devotion and dedication by the artisans. These paintings often depict Lord Krishna in an instance where he holds a giant Govardhan Parbat on his pinkie finger. And, Another Avatar of Shri Krishna, Shreenath Ji, is represented in the painting.

How can Pichwai Paintings be a great addition to your home?

Pichwai painting is among the ancient art of India that originated more than 400 years ago in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. The result of dedication and devotion while making this painting is visually appealing. These traditional paintings make a great addition to modern homes. The intricate designs and vibrant colors reflect spirituality. They would brighten up any corner of the space and bring spiritual fervor and beauty to the room. They are an ideal pick to decorate the wall and uplift the looks of your home and elegance. Sweet Mangnoliaa has a range of beautifully made Pichwai Paintings available with them. If you are an art lover, then check out their amazing Pichwai collection.

The word Pichwai is a combination of two words, pich means back, and wai means hanging. The traditional Pichwai painting takes months to complete and is made on rich fabric. It takes immense skills to create these masterpieces that showcase the moments of Shreenath Ji’s life and consists of incredibly delicate designs. If you would peek into the traditional Pichwai painting, you will find 24 boxes around it, known as Swaroop. Each Swaroop has Lord Krishna, gopi, or some other natural element like a lotus flower or leaf.

Things to know about Authentic Pichwai Paintings-

Authentic Pichwai Paintings make a great wall décor that you wouldn’t find everywhere you visit. They are traditional and unique, yet make an excellent home décor for modern homes, like Ankut Pichwai painting on cotton cloth by Sweet Magnoliaa, which absolutely will look amazing over a console table.

Traditional Pichwai paintings require dedication and weeks to complete. The subjects of traditional Pichwai that are used as regular motifs in Pichwai paintings, such as Radha Rani, Cows, Gopis, Lotuses, Gopis, etc. They usually symbolize Hindu festivals or instances that celebrate the life of Lord Krishna, like Ras Leela, Sharad Purnima, Nand Mahotsav, etc. Authentic Pichwai paintings always find their way to the heart and home of art collectors in India. This stunning artwork is completed using the concept of fine drawing and dyeing to enhance its beauty and get the best result.

From basic paintings to more intricate and rich texture paintings, one can find Pichwai paintings in various ranges. Some artisans use intricate designs and versions of motifs and use natural minerals and colors to have the best look of it. The gold detailing, hand painted, extremely fine motifs, and the dedication it takes to create such a masterpiece makes premium versions of Pichwai paintings which is more expensive, like in Shreenathji Swarup Pichwai Painting on Cotton Cloth at Sweet Magnoliaa.

Things to know about Modern Pichwai Artwork-

Modern Pichwai paintings are often grey scaled versions of Pichwai paintings made using 24 swaroops of traditional Pichwai. The 24 Swaroop are forms of Shreenath Ji or elements of nature in miniature style with no or little historical precedence, like a Cow Lotus Pichwai Painting available at Sweet Magnoliaa. The Cow Lotus painting depicts no historical event or festival but elements of nature.

How to Use Pichwai Painting from Sweet Magnoliaa for Home Décor?

Pichwai paintings make an excellent home décor product. Just adding one Pichwai painting to a room can add beauty to space and elegance to it. The intense process of making Pichwai artwork will make a difference to your usual home décor and will showcase your elegant taste in artwork. Whether you want to add a traditional Pichwai painting or a modern version of this intricate art form, follow these tips to get the best result-

Avoid placing Pichwai Artwork under natural light. When you keep such delicate artwork with intricate designs under natural light, it is exposed to UV rays and sunlight, which can cause them to lose its sheen and beauty.

Use wall track lights. A track light system on the wall means you have minimalist and clean décor, which also will bring out the best look. Track lights placed above the painting can prevent the chance of having shadows. Also, they are easy to install and provide better flexibility.

Ceiling-mounted track lights are another way to enhance the beauty of Pichwai painting. These lights must be placed in a way that the light ray focuses in the center of Pichwai artwork at 30 degrees angle. While placing lights, try to avoid to cast any shadow or highlighting the wrong part of the painting.


Pichwai paintings at Sweet Magnoliaa are unique artwork that depicts the story or instance from Shreenath Ji’s life and can fill the room with spiritual fervor. If you want something natural that showcases Pichwai artwork but doesn’t hold spirituality, modern Pichwai paintings will make a great pick. It takes a lot of hard work and labor for artisans to create one piece; thus, they are reasonably expensive.