How to be in a Flow State?

We are all expressions of God as we bring our uniqueness to this world. We all bring to this world a tiny part of God's creations that he wishes to express through us. The work of art, science, music, etc.; whatever we do out of love is a collaborative work in union with the divine. Thus we can be in a flow state when we do things out of love and not out of greed, envy, fear, or other negative emotions.

How to stay in a flow state

Various negative emotions come in the way of expressing freely, like :

1. Doing this work might not make me look prosperous.

2. This work seems very difficult.

3. This work won't make me look successful in others' opinion.

4. I will do what other successful people do, as that is the safest option, etc., etc.

We must let go of the negative emotions and focus on what we love. We can effortlessly do what we genuinely love doing as love connects us with the divine forces.

Art of Living

This divine connection helps us stay in the flow state and allow us to do beautiful work effortlessly. Everyone can reach a flow state by connecting with the Universe uniquely. Find your unique way of connecting with the Universe.


The act of creation brings us closer to the creator, so we must create fearlessly out of pure love.


Staying in the flow state is God expressing through us effortlessly.


Written by Bhawana Verma | Book Spirituality For You & Me