How to be in a Flow State | Hidden Secrets in  Leonardo Da Vinci's Paintings
What is the flow state?
Flow state is a beautiful way for working as ideas come to us effortlessly, solutions to difficult situations, and resources come into our lives as if the invisible power is guiding us. 
How do we reach the flow state and remain in the flow state?

I will explain this from my experience :

I write these spiritual blogs that are in no way connected to my professional work, which is my online store. One may feel that I am distracted by spending so much time writing these articles. I could focus on important things related to my startup rather than writing these spiritual blogs.

I write these articles as they help me stay in the flow state. I discovered this state of being in which I can understand the messages I receive from the Universe. I share those messages from my spirit guides to thank them for their guidance. 

As I stay connected with my spirit guides on a daily basis, when I face challenging situations related to my work, I receive guidance on that as well from them.

Thus being in a flow state doesn't mean that you keep doing the work you love. It simply means finding that one space/situation where you can connect with the Universe. Once you find your way of connecting with the divine forces, maintain that connection and share the knowledge you receive from them with the world through- blogs, books, etc. It could be spiritual knowledge or knowledge related to the subject you feel deeply for, like- art, science, music, startups, etc. 

The more you share, the more knowledge you will receive from the Universe. 

Let me tell you; all my spiritual blogs take me 1 to 2 minutes to write them down. I go into the state where I receive my spirit guide's messages through feelings that I jot down verbatim and share through my blog.

Staying connected with the Universe will help us remain in the flow state. 

Find your connection with the Universe and stay connected.
Leonardo da Vinci's Saint John the Baptist (1513-1516) famous painting.

Leonardo da Vinci's Saint John the Baptist (1513-1516) famous painting.

Hidden secrets in the John The Baptist painting by Leonardo Da Vinci


In this famous Da Vinci painting St. John is dressed in Leonardo scheme, and his right hand is holding the cross and pressed his two fingers onto his chest. His left hand's index finger points upwards.


If you look more closely, his right eye is looking at you, but his other eye is staring to the left. It is as if there is something hidden for us.

Da Vinci was a master of mirror writing, which means you can't read his writings until you a mirror in front of Da Vinci's manuscripts.


When you do the same with St John paintings, you put the mirror image of the painting next to it. A creature like an alien is visible when we place the mirror image next.


His left-hand finger is pointing upwards, but the palm is facing him. In the renaissance, this symbol meant do not rush and be more attentive and follow the clue.


Even great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci have depicted in their works how we can tap into the cosmic knowledge if we live in the present without being rushed by the outside noise. The Universe is guiding us at all times. All we need is to follow the guidance by living a life of awareness. This will help us be in a flow state where we feel connected with the Universe.

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