How to know if your chosen path is in sync with your higher purpose?
When we face hurdles, we wonder if we are heading in the right direction. Will things eventually work out, or am I going to fail?
These steps will help you understand if your chosen path is the right one for you:
- When your chosen path is in sync with your higher purpose, things will seem to move forward as if the entire universe is helping you. Despite the hurdles, you will keep moving forward without even realising it. Your every move will knowingly and even unknowingly help you move to the next level.
- However, if you have deviated even a little from the path meant for you, no matter how much hard work you put in, every step will take you a little backward, or in other words, you will not get the desired results irrespective of the hard work you put in. 
Why does this happen?
When you try to move against the flow of the river, it requires a lot of hard work and energy to move forward. However, when you go with the flow of the river then no matter how many hurdles come your way, you will still keep moving forward. 
When you go against the current, the hurdles and hard work will exhaust you; however, the hard work and hurdles will also give you a sense of joy when you go with the flow.
So when you face failures, disconnect from the problems and focus on connecting with your inner self. Ask the right questions from your inner self, and you will get the answers in the most remarkable ways that will surprise you!
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