Reprogram your mind to learn effortlessly

This simple exercise will help you program your mind to learn anything without waiting to be taught.


We look for mentors to guide us however, you can get mentored by anyone from the world without them even knowing you.

 This I will explain in 3 parts

1. How to train your mind to do this exercise with simple objects around you.

 2. How, with the help of this exercise, how can you get mentored by anyone in the world.

3. Logic behind their exercise



Develop a daily habit of observing objects around you, one object every day or every week. Go deeper into the subject. The object that you are observing could be a cookie or a painting or something else.


For a cookie, visualize these details and dive deep into the subject:


Its flavor -> its texture->how it got that flavor->what are the ingredients used->how the ingredients we combined to make the final product->what must have been the process of mixing the ingredients kneading with hand-> or using a mixer-> what was final consistency of the mixture-> how much pressure/time must have bee applied to get that texture->...... -> how is each ingredient manufactured, etc. you can go as many details as you can.


For a painting, visualize these details and dive deep into the subject:


For a painting-> The mood->the color palette-> the strokes->brushes->texture->how it got that texture-> what colors gave that texture->how the color was applied->textured was result of using brush/knife/fingers/palm etc-> thought & feelings of artist while creating it->imagine the paiting from artist imagnation->what feelings it invokes in you-> where that feeling leads you-> etc.


You can dive deep into any subject, and with practice, you can go into much more detail.


PART - 2

Similarly, when you want to get mentored by someone, you don't have to meet them or bother them with emails.


Understand their work through the above technique (this needs practice). 


So what things can you do to learn from anyone in the world:


Understand their small actions, things that mattered to them, subjects they were drawn towards, etc through their quotes, books, interviews, speeches, causes they stand for, etc.

- Through their work, understand the subject they are interested in

- Understand their project, the ones you liked the most. If it's a painter, then understand their paintings.

- Read their quotes as quotes are a great insight into a person's mind.  

- If you are lucky enough to meet the person you want to learn from, don't wait for them to teach you. You can learn by knowing how they think in general. 


PART - 3

What we do and how we do is a combination of the thoughts that we attract. Our actions are a reflection of our thoughts. Thus by simply observing even the most minor acts of great #leaders, you can learn a lot about them.


Know the thoughts they entertain and inculcate the habit of entertaining similar thoughts.


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