Impact of Social Media on Our Spiritual Growth

Let us see how different social media platforms could help or hamper our spiritual growth.

To grow on our spiritual path, we must look within. As all that we are looking without is within.


Instagram is one platform where the focus is not on the profile picture or degrees and Instagram doesn't give space to write about these things in length. Instagram helps you focus on your creation Share with the world what you have created, thus encouraging you to create more! Instagram has the option of hiding likes, thus removing unnecessary pressure and focusing on creativity fearlessly.


YouTube is a platform where the About section is not about you but what you are sharing. The algorithm is designed so that what you are sharing is more important than your degrees and titles. Thus YouTube is genuinely empowering people and helping people.
Youtube helps you look within as if you try to copy; you won't survive long on youtube. Youtube has also disabled the unlike button to help people share without fear of being judged.


Linkedin is not about sharing our titles, degrees, and achievements. Linkedin is a platform for humbly sharing our learning to help empower others in whatever little way possible.
Linkedin doesn't encourage changing our profile picture! Mindfulness is required so that we do not get carried away by our Degrees Titles etc.


Facebook allows us to change profile pictures as often as possible; just like we change our clothes, we can change our profile pictures. The focus could easily shift from inward to outward if we are not mindful. Facebook has anger and all kind of expressions that are not required.


Thus the most challenging social media platforms for our spiritual growth are Facebook & LinkedIn where we need to be a bit more mindful about not getting carried away by our looks, degrees, titles, or lifestyles.
While Instagram and YouTube don't give you space to flaunt as both Instagram & YouTube are designed in such a way that the focus is on creating rather than flaunting and living a fool's world!
However, the algorithm is doing. a great job of making people share, and to share one has to THINK & IMAGINE & CREATE. Thus algorithm helps us connect with our inner self.
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