Indian Fine Teas with Tips & Amazing Recipes for Organic Teas

Indulge with us in this amazing Fine Teas Moment as we share with your not just about organics teas but also some exotic recipes you can try with organic teas.

Best Organic Tea Recipes 

How is fine organic tea different from regular teas? Is Fine
organic tea? How are they produced)

Ans: At Radhikas Fine Teas, ‘Organic’ is not just Natural but a biodynamic process
wherein each leaf is free from fertilisers, pesticides or any synthetic chemical for that matter. Our tea leaves are biodynamically cultivated at some of the world’s best organic tea estates. Radhika personally visits the tea gardens and picks the best among them to source her signature tea leaves. Being tea sommelier for over a decade, she is well-aware of her tea enthusiasts palate. Basis this knowledge and her findings basis her customers during her much-celebrated tea ceremonies, she recommends the right blends to be produced at these tea estates. Post elaborate tea tastings sessions, Radhika and the top tea tasters arrive at the perfect blend. Once selected, the leaves of that flush undergo stringent quality checks before getting packaged to adorn your tea cup. And that’s what makes tea fine and organic in our tea story VS the rest of the teas that you come across.

Everything About Fine Teas & Exotic Organic Tea Recipes to try
What are the different types of organic teas? 
Ans : Organic teas are same as conventional it’s the method of growing and processing
that makes it unique. The types of teas are White, Green, Oolong & Black.
3. List 10 to 15 the benefits of Organics teas ?
Ans : An organic leaf is devoid of chemicals and colour, thus it takes care of healthy
balance of good bacteria in your digestive system and boosts your antioxidant level
White Tea – Calms and relaxes, mind, body and soul

Has the highest amount of Vit C

Oolong Tea – Revvs up Metabolism

Energises and keeps fatigue at bay

Kills free radicals thus keeping all diseases at bay

Doesn’t play with sugar level.
Green Tea - Weight management
Keeps tummy troubles at bay
Full of Antioxidants

Black Tea - Calms and relaxes mind, body and soul

Aids Digestion
Chais - Stimulates mind

Doesn’t play with sugar spikes, instead a balanced
80% lesser caffeine than coffee

Everything About Fine Teas & Exotic Organic Tea Recipes to try
How to have organic tea, the best time to have organic teas ?
Ans : There is tea for each part of the day at Radhikas Fine Teas and Whatnots
Morning is great for stimulating kind of teas that help in waking up with a positive and happy energy.

Fine Tea Recipes
Our chais and loose-leaf options work well here
For eg:
1. Turmeric Tulsi Liquorice Chai
2. Longjing Leaf

Mid-Afternoon teas help boost from fatigue as well as look forward to the rest of the day
For eg :
1. Oolong Leaf
2. Peppermint Oolong
Luncheon teas
These are Digestive options in our menu
For eg :
1. Mukhwas Tea
2. Vanilla Chai
Evening tea
These options in our menu help relax and unwind end of the day
For eg
1. White leaf
2. Darjeeling Passionfruit
5. Share 5 to 7 organic teas recipes? (IMAGES ATTACHED)
(1) Pour ready chai onto ice cube shells
(2) Freeze
(3) And then dunk into a glass
(4) Pour maple syrup, a dash of cinnamon and a pinch of brown sugar
along with of soda

Everything About Fine Teas & Exotic Organic Tea Recipes to try

(1) Take 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds in a tall glass.
(2) Brew Ginger Chai pour over the glass.
(3) Then break pieces of mawa cake atop the chai
(4) Grate jaggery & refrigerate. Your desserts is ready.
DETOX Turmeric Tulsi Liquorice Chai - CHAI KHEER
(1) Take the chai brewed
(2) Add one cup milk and let it simmer and to it add one cup rice.
(3) When it becomes half, add 4 tsp of maple syrup and 1 tsp honey.
(4) Add saffron and switch off the stove and let it steep covered with a lid.
(5) Ready to serve garnished with nuts.

Everything About Fine Teas & Exotic Organic Tea Recipes to try
(1) Take a cup of brewed spearmint infusion.
(2) Add to it 4 tbsp sugar and fresh Indian mint 1 whole sprig
(3) Give a boil on stove and then let this concoction comes to half and let it
cool down for a couple of hours.
(4) The minty deduction will absorb all the sugar around and become thick

Everything About Fine Teas & Exotic Organic Tea Recipes to try
(1) Measure a cup of the brewed infusion onto the stove.
(2) Keep it on simmer to get a boil.
(3) Shut stove and add a cup of organic honey.
(4) Stir it well and bottle it, to allow it to steep for 8 hrs.
(5) Voila your herby dip is ready, garnish with fresh basil.

(1) Take a tall ice tea glass filled with ice cubes to half.
(2) Measure a cup of the brewed infusion and pour it into the same
(3) Add a tsp of honey and stir
(4) Garnish with mint.

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