Celebrated Interior Stylist, Manuu Mansheet, shares his Secret to using Indian Decor Elements
Manuu Mansheet, India's most celebrated interior stylist talks interior styling trends and why investing in Art & Indian Decor Elements is at the heart of his interior styling
Manuu Mansheet's interview for Sweet Magnoliaa
Tell us how your journey as an architect & interior designer highlighting some of your best achievements & projects.
I am in a very niche part of design genre- visual merchandising/ space design & styling. I do many projects where i design the interiors and sometimes play the role of architect/landscape architect etc. primarily while i was growing up my natural flair for interiors/art/design etc were treated as hobbies only.Main thrust was always on academics. I myself wasn't aware of many streams of creativity or courses that could be explored ( this was pre internet era ).Destiny got me a break with the prestigious shopping arcades chain - Khazana ( at Taj hotels). I was commissioned to do window displays and store styling. I found my future and further pursued the specialisation of Visual Merchandising. Got trained abroad at Ikea EU/UAE . My whole journey is a huge achievement. Overcoming society, family pressures and carve a niche for myself has been a huge but gratifying project. Today i have my own company where we have 4 verticals - retail design, home interiors, hospitality/food, styling for shoots and in individual capacity I teach in many prestigious colleges of the country.
Manuu Mansheet celebrated interior stylist from India talks to Failing It Up an initiative by Sweet Magnoliaa
Photo credit : Ankush Maria 
Wardrobe credit : Charu Parashar
How would you describe your style? How did you discover your style?
My style is always evolving. I am a natural, my travels and observations keep teaching me newer techniques and ideas to elevate my craft. I truly believe I'm Blessed to have the skill set that i have, I'm grateful to have found my path. Every day I'm learning and honing my skills, every new challenging assignment makes me excited. I don't essentially have a ‘set style’ but am flexible as per the requirements of the client or project; and have a stamp ( which is unique, easy, classy, natural, innovative and Indian in ethos )
Tell us about your design style's key elements that make it unique. I am very flexible, very quick with work. I don't understand elaborate ppt presentations of computer aided designs. I'm neither trained in those nor depend on them. I'm frugal, very reasonable, love to re-cycle/renovate/innovate materials. A bit partial to my roots and Indian craft persons.Give me luxury, give me classic, give me Indian and I can spurn magic.
Manuu Manhseet's interior styling Photo credit : Ankush Maria
Share your favourite projects, highlighting your fav elements from those projects? Share 2 to 5 projects with a few describe the key elements of each project All my projects are unique and dear to me. Jokingly i say that the best project was the one i finished last/ recently and the favourite one would be the one on the anvil. Ive done a huge body of work for Godrej & Boyce - interio stores. I loved those and still get rave comments. Ive done a lot of food styling for events and The Park, i love their warmth & encouraging attitude. Every home I do is different and delights the owners, that gives me immense joy & gratification. Styling Swadesh Bazaar for reliance at Ambani Wedding in Udaipur ( Isha Ambani - Anand Piramal ) was memorable too. And yes my own house is my most favourite & crazy project. What I did for myself is crazy- on of the most featured homes in India I would say modestly 🙈🤪
What things do you splurge on the most when working on an interior designing project.
I like to save the best for Art. I encourage clients to learn, understand and appreciate art & artists and invest in it. This way my projects look good, clients get involved and decisions get easier and the corpus thus created makes them delighted in future.
Interior Stylist Manuu Mansheet encouragers his clients to understand and invest in artPhoto credit : Ankush Maria
Share some of your fav interior styling trends that you feel will rule 2022.
Natural Easy to maintain Comfort Luxury Lived in Are some of the key trends that will rule for some time to come.
2022 Interior Styling Trends to Look for according to celebrated interior stylist Manuu mansheetPhoto credit : Ankush Maria
In terms of accessories, what elements do you like to use the most( paintings, prints, wall mirrors etc).
I am a very style oriented person, I'm veering towards maximalism and am a very proud Indian. I love the plethora of arts, crafts, textiles my country has to offer. Given an opportunity i love using various stuff available to me. I'm always scouting for textiles, art, artefacts, props, accessories for myself, my stock room and my projects.
Interior Stylist Manuu Mansheet talks to Failing It Up an initiative by Sweet MagnoliaaPhoto credit : Ankush Maria
What, according to you, makes Indian Decor Elements Unique for interior styling? What are your favorites?
First and foremost the length & breadth of my country and its diverse cultures give us so much material vis. Colours, embroideries, crafts, art, textiles, etc etc Next the crafts people, no where in the world can one achieve so much individual ‘made to order ‘ or ‘bespoke’ level in any given space. How normal it is to get clothes stitched to our measurements, get furniture made, designs crafted, stone sculptures made, floorings done and the list is endless. All over the world these things are super expensive and very few takers. We take this for-granted here; and I cherish the idea that so much handmade & bespoke is what I rely on. In Paris to get 2 chairs re-upholstered would cost more than the cost of chairs. 
Manuu Mansheet, a celebrated interior stylist talks to Failing It Up an initiative by Sweet MagnoliaaPhoto credit : Ankush Maria
Sweet Magnoliaa is a curated online store focused on art & design; what are the three products from Sweet Magnoliaa that you would like to recommend to our viewers and why?
3 things I like & recommend from online store Sweet Magnoliaa :-
Kandi Narsimlu's painting, manuu Manhseet, a celebrated interior stylist recommends to buy form online art Gallery Sweet MagnoliaaUntitled -14(15 x 15inch) Acrylic on Canvas by  Artist Kandi Narsimlu
My favourite artist
Available at a reasonable price
Must for any collection
    A very beautiful rug
    Again well priced
    Looks good quality
    Designer looks
    Perceived value much higher

      Kalash Brass Coffee Table shop Online at India's curated online store Sweet Magnoliaa

      Kalash Side Table in Brass


      I've always loved this product
      Ayush Kasliwal is a friend
      More importantly- this picture is styled by me. We ( Nnkush Maria & I photographed this for Narendra Bhawan Bikaner even before the property opened for public)
      Memorable product
      Memorable shoot


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