Master The Thoughts To handle Fears
Today the systems thrive on fear. These fears drive us to act a certain way:

  1. Education system: fear of failure
  2. Fashion & Beauty Industry: fear of not looking good
  3. Corporates: Fear of not winning the rat race of climbing the corporate ladder
  4. Religions: fear of going to hell
  5. Society: fear of not fitting in
  6. Spiritual Industry: fear of not being able to find ourselves on our own!

When fear becomes the driving force, the system needs to change at the root level.

Allow the children to connect with themselves instead of impressing with their grades and degrees

Mastering our thoughts at an early age would lay a strong foundation for adults who are not lost.

"We can easily be led by fear when we only focus on mastering science, technology, etc., without mastering our thoughts."

"Our biggest power lies in connecting with our inner-self."


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