Maximalism or Minimalist?

Maximalism or Minimalist, know the spiritual effect of both in your life.

We often think that spirituality means shrinking the circle of desire and living a life without enjoying material pleasures.

An essential thing in spirituality is our ability to live in the present moment and being aware. Desires do not let us live in the present moment- this doesn't mean we should not enjoy what we have. It simply means we must be aware of what we have and appreciate it.

Art is a tremendous force that connects us with the universe. Whether you are a maximalist or a minimalist, both require creativity, and creativity directly connects us with the cosmos.
Both the home decor styles - maximalist home decor style and minimalist home decor style requires imagination and creativity to achieve the right look. A keen eye to achieve the perfect Home decor style help us stay aware of our environment at home. Thus, a maximalist home or minimalist home is a celebration of creativity and an exercise of living in the present.

For a Minimalist Home Decor  Style use white and pastels and keep your home decor minimal with no excessive ornamentation and decoration. On the other hand, to create drama use more of everything, be it your favorite colours, fabrics, and accessories!

Explore some of our favourite maximalist home decor styles
Create maximalist interior design by mixing different patterns and style - metal coffee table, velvet couch, handmade rugs, painting in bold colours, accent decor object! Get playful with the designer cushion covers with unique patterns and fabrics.
Maximalist Home Decor (source
Maximalist Home Decor (source
Minimalist interior home decor lovers get inspiration from our favourite pick that uses an elegant mix of muted tones decor and furniture.
My Dream Home (48" x 48") Acrylic on Canvas
Maximalist Home Adira Sofa shop on Sweet Magnoliaa
Minimalist Home Decor
Minimalist Interior Designing (source @cocozy &
Corset Chair Shop on
Corset Chair; click to shop on Sweet Magnoliaa
Acrylic on canvas painting by Dhruti Mahajan shop on

Untitled- acrylic on canvas painting by Dhruti Mahajan; click to shop on

Use creativity and imagination to discover your favourite home decor style this will also help you in connecting with your higher self!

Start your spiritual journey by embracing your home decor style- maximalist or minimalist, fearlessly!