Product Design & Entrepreneur Ayush Kasliwal shares his journey from NID to launching his own brand

Ayush Kasliwal, an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, is one of India’s leading design thinkers, practitioners, and advocates for artisans.


 Ayush with his architect wife Geetanjali is Creative Director and Co-founder of AKFD & ANANTAYA, an interdisciplinary design company based in Jaipur, India. All aspects of the business practices of AKFD and AnanTaya reflect social consciousness, sustainability. Ayush’s work is informed by traditional crafts and artisans and it reflects a deep understanding of mythology, architecture, and culture through a contemporary aesthetic. He believes that “Objects are messages in physical form”.


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AKFD & Anantaya's business, designing, manufacturing and marketing model demonstrates how handmade converges with small batch production to come up with the finest in Modern Indian Design. The products are a unique convergence of India's culture brought to life by awarded designers collaborating with skilled artisans. They collaborate with Architects and Specifiers to develop Bespoke Furniture, Lighting and Installations. The Hallmark of the practice is meticulous attention to detail, and a deep involvement in the functionality of the spaces.

Product designer & Entreprenuer Ayush Kasiwal's interview

The Portfolio has over 4000 unique Furniture, Lighting, Accessory and Product Designs. 45000/- sq ft Green manufacturing facility, 8000 sq ft retail flagships, 2 decades of experience, over 10000 artisans impacted with verticals of Exports, Projects, Retail and Consultancy.

AKFD's founder Ayush Kasliwal's interview

The guiding force, Ayush Kasliwal, an NID alumnus, is one of India’s leading design thinkers, practitioners and advocates for artisans. He, with his wife, Architect, Geetanjali Kasliwal, founded AnanTaya & AKFD focused on Furniture, Lighting, Accessory and  Product Design. Together, Ayush and Geetanjali aspire to improve the lives of a million artisans. 

 Some of their award-winning projects :





Ayush supports the initiative Failing It Up and shares his inspirational journey. 

Interview Highlights:

1. His childhood that led him to become passionate about designing later in his life.

2. One incident that redefined failure for him

3. Learnings from his journey

4. His advice for aspiring product designers

5. His unique perspective on failure

 AKFD founder's interview

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