Practice self-love for spiritual growth

The spiritual practice one needs to lead a spiritual life is practicing self-love.

One can be highly spiritual but still not know a word about spirituality.

Terms and vocabulary are for human understanding, but feelings drive the conversation when talking to the Universe.

One may know everything about spirituality but still be unable to form a connection with the Universe because the connection happens with the heart and not with the words. 

One spiritual practice is all one needs to lead a spiritual life is practicing self-love. 

How self-love helps one grow spiritually, forming a deeper connection with the Universe:

1. Self-love starts with respecting yourself; thus, you begin to know yourself so deeply that you discover your connection with the Universe. 

2. Knowing your feeling and being led by the feelings becomes the core of your living.

3. When you respect and love yourself, you practice it with others. No matter how different anybody is from you, you still happily and respectfully agree to disagree. 

4. You do not feel pressured or guilty about being different. You do not fear being rejected or judged as you feel a deep connection with yourself, making you calm and happy.

5. You do not have the urge to prove or preach anything to the world as you understand the Universe is an open school.

6. You ask yourself more profound questions about life, and that's when you gradually get answers.

7. You know what you genuinely love, and your feelings lead you to your true purpose in life. 

8. You learn to forgive your earthly mistakes and move on to become a better version of yourself each day.

9. You see your life playing like a movie where there is no room for judgment, guilt, or fear. You are a spectator of your life.