Small Upgrades to Revamp Your Home

Small Upgrades to Revamp Your Home 

Add a rug to lift any space instantly. AREA RUGS & CARPETS are a great way to style your home on any budget. Whether you buy budget-friendly dhurries and hand-tufted rugs or splurge on hand-knotted wool or silk carpets, rugs are an excellent option for an instant revamp!

Shop Rugs & Carpets online at Sweet MagnoliaaBuy Paintings. Art makes life worth living. Explore your favorite artists online and invest in art. Whether you buy a miniature painting or a large one depends on the space and budget. Nevertheless, do consider exploring art for home decor. If you are new to art, try reading a bit about art to find your favorite piece of art effortlessly. INVEST IN ART

Invest in Art

Revamp your home work space with STUDY TABLES & DESKS, chairs, home decor objects, and elegant organisers and stationery.

Buy Study Table, Chairs, Rugs, Stationery online at Sweet Magnoliaa

Create wall art with FINE ART PRINTS. It is not just great on your pocket; professional fine art prints last for years when used with care.

Shop Fine Art Prints Online at Sweet MagnoliaaSplurge on BED LINEN, be it premium bed sheet or your favorite duvet collection! 100% cotton bed sheet with a satin feel will not just make your bedroom look cool but also help you relax and sleep well.

Shop Home Linen: Duvet Sets, Bedspreads, Bed sheets online at Sweet MagnoliaaStylish DECORATIVE LIGHTING is an excellent way of creating a hotel-like decor in the comfort of your home. There are many options you can choose from: PENDANT LAMPS, TABLE LAMPS, or FLOOR LAMPS are a few the possibilities.

Shop Lighting, Vases, online at Sweet MagnoliaaTry using GEM THERAPY by home decor products made with gemstones like agate, amethyst, rose quartz, etc. The gemstone product is not only excellent and unique, but they also help create a relaxing space for yourself. 

Gem-therapy home decor products for positive energy

LEATHER HOME DECOR PRODUCTS never go out of style. Add a leather strap bench, a leather bar unit, or a leather magazine hold to make your space look great.

Add leather home decor to create a classic look for your homeCUSHION COVERS & THROWS are great and are the life of any room. Just throw a bunch of your favorite cushion covers with throws to create a cozy nook for yourself.

Shop Cushion covers and throws online at Sweet MagnoliaaDECORATIVE MIRRORS can never go out of style. Whether it is Mirror with vintage or modern frames, mirrors are a great way of revamping your home within the budget.

Introduce accent chairs, CENTRE TABLE & side table to make the living room look new and stunning.

Shop Vases and Home Decor Objects online at Sweet MagnoliaaMinimalistic or maximalists PLANTERS & VASES are essential for every home. No matter how many planters we have, there is always room for more!

By Decorative Flower Vases online at Sweet Magnoliaa

Dine better- create a unique cozy dining space with elegant DINING TABLE with assorted chairs.

Shop Dining Tables and Chairs online at Sweet MagnoliaaUpgrade your tableware- splurge on porcelain and fine bone china DINNERWARE

Dinnerware by Vista Alegre available online at Sweet Magnoliaa

Garden up your outdoor with beautiful outdoor chair sets and planters. Bathe beautifully with luxury Ayurveda shampoos and soap bars, and pamper yourself with aromatherapy oils.
Light up your space with decorative CANDLE HOLDERS & LANTERNS. The candle holder comes in various styles to choose from. They are also an excellent gift for your home decor enthusiast friends!
Replace door handles with UNIQUE DOOR HANDLES. There are many doors handles available online these days to choose from.
It is all about the details; buy that lovely trash bin you have been eying online but never thought of the need to spend on a paper bin.

Upgrade your work from home space with some cool STATIONERY.

Stationery for your work from home spaceMake the family room enjoyable by getting some cool new BOARD GAMES. Board games are a great way of having a fun time with family.

Buy Board Games onlineThe PUJA ROOM DECOR with beautiful brass idols of gods and goddesses, brass diyas, and lamps doesn't have to wait for a festival.

Puja decor elements

Create an exciting look by redecorating your CONSOLE TABLES.

Redecorate your console to revamp your homeRe-shuffles things at home just like you did when you were kids. Doing this will give your space a completely fresh look without spending a dime.


Revamp your home by re-shuffling things at home