"Spirituality for You & Me" a book by Bhawana Verma to Simplify Spirituality for Everyone

Spirituality For You & Me is a book that aims to simplify spiritually by presenting it in a layman's language. This book is free from spiritual and scientific jargons thus making it more relate-able for everyone. 

I am happy to share the cover of my upcoming book on spirituality. 

When I met God for the first time in 2020, He told me that I could connect with Him anytime. At first, I thought the meeting would happen whenever God wants, but during the second meeting, I realized that our connection with the Divine happens when we want.

My first question to God was - Why me? How could I connect with You when I have been an atheist all my life, never worshiped You, never believed in Your existence, never meditated once in my life; then how come I got connected with you? It was not even a case of a near-death experience; the connection just happed.

God told me that I had been in a mediative state for months. I asked how I could be meditative for months when I did not know a thing about meditation? God showed me a short recap of my life events that had helped me reach a meditative state without me even knowing about it. 

In this book, I write about spirituality from a layman's perspective. Spirituality is a desi khichdi that can be prepared in the poorest of the poor kitchen, but in five-star restaurants, it is presented as complicated gourmet cuisine. Like science, even spirituality has developed jargons to complexify it. However, one can experience spirituality and connection with the Divine without knowing the technical jargon! This book is my humble attempt to simplify spirituality for you and me.  

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