The Essence Of Ayurveda & Personal-care

Lasakan Cholayil, the co-founder of premium Ayurveda brand, Sadhev, shares the essence of Ayurveda 

1. What is the ancient art of Ayurveda all about how are Ayurveda Skin personal care products different from regular or organic skincare products?

Ayurveda in English translates to the “Science of Life.” It is an ancient Indian medical science that focuses on prevention and based on the concept that general health and wellness relies on a delicate balance between the mind, body and soul. The difference between Ayurvedic, organic and natural skin care products are as follows: Organic products are food products grown without the use of pesticides. Natural/herbal products are essentially products that are plant based. Ayurvedic products are traditional medicinal products prepared according to the procedures given in traditional Ayurvedic texts. 

2. What are the key benefits of using Ayurveda products 

The main benefit of using Ayurvedic personal-care products is that it does not have any side effects compared to its counterparts. Ayurveda achieves this by using only natural herbs, extracts and plants. 

3. What is your brand's USP when compared to other Ayurveda brands.

We pay a lot of attention to our ingredients as this is what ultimately differentiates a good product with a great product. To ensure our quality and purity is consistent we source a portion of our ingredient from our organic farm in Tamil Nadu, we fondly call Sadhevana. 

4. What is Ayurveda hair color please share with us a little about it.

Our ayurvedic hair color is a delicate mix of organic Indigo, Amala and Henna. We currently offer it only  in black but have more colors in the pipeline, which we plan to roll out in the next couple of months. Unlike other hair colors in the market, our dyes are free from PPD, ammonia and other harmful chemicals. 

Ayurvedic Hair Dye | Sadhev

5. Share a brief about your top fav products with their key benefits.

My favorite products that we currently offer are our Coconut shower oil and Aloe Vera & Saffron gel with Kumkumadi Thailam.

The Coconut shower oil is very special to me, as It was a concept I developed from scratch. Growing up I was always very lazy to moisturize post my shower and I always wished my shower gel could do this. So with that as the design problem, I sat down with my head of R&D head to see how we can combine the goodness of Ayurveda with modern science  to achieve this. After many iterations and a lot of hurdles, we finally arrived at something that was liked across the board. The shower oil not only helps to cleanse your skin but also locks in moisture so your skin never feels dry and itchy. 


Sadhev Ayurveda Personal -care products  available at Sweet Magnoliaa

The Aloe Vera & Saffron Gel with Kumkumadi Thailam was my mothers brainchild. She started developing this product when I was a teenager waging war with acne. I had terrible skin during my adolescence, and none of the dermatologically prescribed solutions worked for me. So my mother took It upon her to help me find a solution for this. The end result was an ultra light gel, that my skin absorbed immediately. The gel worked like magic for me and before I knew it, my acne became a thing of the past. Today this is a staple part of my skin care regime and I cant imagine myself going anywhere without it. 


Ayurveda Personal-care products available at Sweet Magnoliaa

We have a lot of new products that we are planning to roll out this year and I can already tell you that they’re a part of the team’s and my daily skincare routine. 

6. Can Ayurveda products be used by anyone and everyone? If not then how should one know if Ayurveda products suit them when deciding to buy premium Ayurveda products.

In principal Ayurveda can be used by anyone and everyone as they’re free from harmful chemical and toxins. However, since we use natural ingredients and certain individuals can be allergic to some of these; Just like how some people are allergic to nuts or dairy. For this reason, we always urge our users to do a skin test before using our products, to stray away from such negative reactions. 

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The Essence Of Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Personal-care Products for Skin, Hair & body


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