The Pretentious Home James Kivior  New York based Home Styling Blogger

The Maximalist Home -  The Pretentious Home, Instagram's most Loved Blogger from New York shares his Journey 

James Kivior is the most loved instagram blogger @thepretentioushome. James's bejewelled New York home. In this interview with Sweet Magnoliaa, James talks about his maximalist style and about his collection. He also shares some great tips for home styling.    


People love The Pretentious Home, and you have a massive following on Instagram. Tell us how it all started.

Thank you! It was just over 5 years ago that a friend of mine suggested I create an account and call it The Pretentious Home. I had just purchased some Gucci ice cube trays and she thought it was the most absurd purchase LOL. 5 years later my account as really grown and I am very grateful for it.

The Pretentious Home

Where do you live and what are the best places you like to shop from in your city.

I live in Ridgewood a neighborhood in the borough of Queens, New York City. My favorite stores in NYC are definitely, Creel and Gow and John Derian and of course the top floor of Bergdorf’s

How would you describe your style? How did you discover your style?

I’m definitely a traditionalist that is heavily influenced by the maximalist style, I call myself a maximalist. I think my style has evolved over the years and now in my 40’s I’ve finally found my décor style.

Tell us about the Interior designers whose works inspire you the most.

I am most inspired by Jacques Garcia, Tony Duquette, Mary McDonald, Mario Buatta, Miles Redd, Nick Olsen, Sig Bergamin, Lorenzo Castillo and Ken Fulk. Through Instagram I’ve discovered some amazing designers, Garrow Kedigian comes to mind along with some really talented friends Mike Alvares from Brasil and NYC designer Brett Leemkuil.


The Pretentious Home

The Red Sofa has warm color of the @kravetinc mohair and the contrasting @schumacher1889 fringe by @marymcdonaldinc in oyster let’s off a sexy glow.  


What tips do you have for people who want to experiment with maximalist home styling?

Edit and then edit some more. Maximalism does not equal hoarding.

Since when have you been collecting art? Tell us about some of your collections.

I collect taxidermy, I beautiful and misunderstood artform. I’ve been collecting for over 15 years now.

The Pretentious Home

We are absolutely in love with your velvet sofa & framed Hermes scarves. We would love to know about other exciting elements in your bejeweled apartment!

People love the pair of chairs I have covered in Scalamandre Tiger Velvet and my Tony Duquette designed abalone chandelier.

The Pretentious Home

Tell us about the tableware collection.

I collect China from Christian Dior. I almost have the full Gaudron collection in malachite and their Casablanca collection.

The Pretentious Home

How do you plan your purchases - are they spontaneous or planned? Tell us about your next purchase. 

I usually make a list at the beginning of the year of things to purchase or reupholster and I give myself 12 months to get everything on the list.