What Happens When We Learn for Pure Joy?

When we learn for degrees, material success, and to become hirable, we must rely only on the finite source of knowledge: books, institutions, etc.


However, when our primary motive for learning is pure joy, the entire Universe becomes our institution. Once the Universe becomes our institution, we can tap into cosmic knowledge.


Great discoveries and breakthroughs happen once we can get access to this infinite pool of knowledge. Expertise in every subject is available in the cosmos but we can not doge our way to gain access this knowledge.


The only fee we have to pay to access this endless pool of expertise that Universe has to offer are:


1. Learning for pure joy

2. Good Intent: Knowledge is used for good.

3. Knowledge is shared freely so that it benefits everyone and not just you.


Thus when we focus on doing things that "we" want to do, that's when miracles begin to happen as unknowingly we start forming a connection with the Universe. 


Thus the Pure Joy of Learning is the Education system that the Universe follows.


Apply today by looking into your heart!



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