Sweet Magnolia is inspired by art & design- artists, craftsmen, startups focussed on art & design. The Art & Design lovers who love to own a piece of art irrespective of the price tag, Sweet Magnoliaa is for you.

 About Bhawana:

Bhawana has an exciting experience of more than a decade in the art industry - from shooting ad campaigns for top brands to directing & producing ad films.

In 2018 she started a social movement through her blog Failing It Up, a mission to de-stigmatize failing by redefining failure.  

Failing It Up initiative got massive support from leaders from all over the world.

Some of the leaders who supported the initiative Failing It Up -

  • Personalities like chef Vikas Khanna , jewellery designer Farah Ali Khan
  • Filmmakers Hansal Mehta & Anant Mahadevan
  • Actors -The Roja Girl Madhoo, Adil Hussain, Maria Goretti Warsi & Sayani Gupta
  • Architects and interior designers - Sanjay Puri, Shivani Dogra & Hamiz Hassanzadeh founder of Parametric Architecture, Huzefa Rangwala  co-founder of MuseLAB, Beverly Hills interior designer Aaron B Duke
  • Founders like - Sharon Rabi of Dafni, N K Chaudhary of Jaipur Rugs
  • People like Raghav Gupta from The Rug Republic, Ssumier Pasricha, Samit Bhatta the publisher of The Retail Jeweller Magazine.

    These leaders shared their inspirational stories of not giving up and how their failures are a part of their success stories. Failing It Up is a digital magazine available for free on www.failingitup.com and the blog section of our store. We also have a Youtube channel that features inspirational video interviews every week.

    Bhawana founded Sweet Magnoliaa in the year 2020 with a desire to support the art and design community and create an online store for shoppers like you who are fond of collecting aesthetically pleasing products within their budgets.

    Every time you buy a product from Sweet Magnoliaa, you support the art and design community and also support the initiative Failing It Up. 

     Failing It Up Youtube Channel 

     Failing It Up Website  (now in the blog section of Sweet Magnoliaa) 

    Ad Films directed by Bhawana:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3CkVDe6zoLP8aLO-o2NjEQ


    A piece of jewelry, a rug, painting, or personal care products based on Ayurveda's ancient art, we celebrate art in every form! We at Sweet Magnoliaa bring to you a curated online store that celebrates Art & Design and supports the global art ecosystem. Art is priceless and irrespective of the price tag, you bring home a piece of art.